February 25th, 2019, 11:00 pm
Seems familiar
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From the Author
Stem March 3rd, 2019, 4:06 pm
Edit: Typo fixed in Panel 6!

Thanks for the heads up on that @Gia!
Advertisement August 25th, 2019, 2:08 am
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Gia (Guest) February 26th, 2019, 1:16 am
Barriss just gives 0 fucks
Also: Panel 6, "If anything this is shows" --> "If anything this shows"
Stem February 26th, 2019, 11:29 am
@Gia: Thanks for the heads up on that! Will have it corrected later this week.
Luna (Guest) February 26th, 2019, 9:47 pm
Is it okay if I draw fanart for this? I love this comic so much!
Stem February 26th, 2019, 11:12 pm
@Luna: Of course! This comic is pretty much one very long Star Wars fanart so be free!
Guest February 27th, 2019, 2:05 am
"Ahsoka i almost died, lemme eat"
ZanarNaryon August 24th, 2019, 6:06 pm
Neutral planet, eh? That's either Odessen, Zakuul or Tython, or an undiscovered one